Package Design & Mfg


TLC 3D NAND makes up a significant portion of the total cost of SSDs and is critical for competitive performance and reliability. NAND used in FATRO SSD is Tier 1 Grade, and our own solutions are applied to all processes from NAND packaging design to production. All manufactured products go through 100% RDT testing to check the BAD Block status of memory cells and classify defective products before shipping.

Key Specifications

Item  Specifications 
Interface  Open Nand Flash Interface 4.0 Compliant 
Form Factor  Dimension  12x18x1.3(mm) 
Thickness(max)  1.3(mm) 
Die Grade  Good Die (Tier 1) 
Package Type  132 Ball , FBGA 
NAND Type  Cell Type  3D TLC 
Stacking Process  V5 / V6 / V7 
Capacity & Package Stack SDP(1Stack)  64GB / 128GB
DDP(2Stack)  128GB / 256GB
QDP(4Stack)  256GB / 512 GB
ODP(8Stack)  512GB / 1TB
Reliability  Operation Temperature  Standard Grade, 0°C ~ 70°C 
Storage Temperature  Non-Operating, -40°C ~ +85°C 
Block Erase Operation  17.25MB 
Operating  Vcc  2.5V/ 3.3V 
Voltage  Vccq  1.2V/1.8V 
Data Transfer Rate  Up to 1,200Mbps 

Thorough quality control through in-house design and production

Thorough quality control is possible because all SSD production processes such as circuit, PCB design, and memory tests are carried out as an in-house solution through a one-stop process. We minimize the defective rate through 100% RDT(Reliability Demonstration Test) testing for memory bad blocks and thorough quality testing.