SSD in BGA Package
Solder down BGA package for rugged embedded systems

BGA SSD Integration

BGA SSD is a technology that integrates NAND Flash, DRAM, and Controller chip into one package. Mdevice developed the BGA SSD using SiP technology, which allows for improved performance and miniaturization, to provide higher sustained performance during high workloads and extremely hot operation.

Key Specifications

  • NAND Flash Components : 3D-TLC (Triple Level Cell)
  • Host Interface : PCIe NVMe Gen4x4
  • Industry Standard : PCI-SIG
  • Dimensions : 20x24mm ( L x W )
  • Capacities : 256GB ,512GB, 1TB
  • Max R/W Speed (MB/s)
    - SEQ Read : Up to 5,000MB/s
    - SEQ Write : Up to 4,000MB/s
  • Built in PMIC
  • End-to-end data protection with CRC parity
  • LDPC engine provides maximum error correction capability
  • Operating Temperature :
    - Standard Grade : 0°C ~ 70°C
    - Industrial Grade : -40°C ~ +85°Cv

Thorough quality control through in-house design and production

Thorough quality control is possible because all SSD production processes such as circuit, PCB design, and memory tests are carried out as an in-house solution through a one-stop process. We minimize the defective rate through 100% RDT(Reliability Demonstration Test) testing for memory bad blocks and thorough quality testing.